L E T T E R from Jac – Evolution and Change – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – Evolution and Change

After yesterday’s ginormous Letter, we also have something to share with you! The Broad Place has been one huge adventure for us, initially an experiment that has become my entire life, and a lot of Arran’s, now with two incredible meditation teachers (Emily and Jo) teaching around Australia and New Zealand with us, and my teaching globally. We have two full time, wonderful, life-saving, assistants; Shearry and Belle, that manages all our students around the world and help us on literally everything. And brilliant creative collaborators we work with around the world. This all makes my heart sing and has also meant that our next project is possible, and for that, I am so crazily grateful.

We have played with the idea for years of Arran and I spending a year abroad to teach and create new projects and experiences. And a few weeks back, whilst freezing our arses off in London and under the incredible inspiration and guidance of our friends Nat and Bill, we decided London it would be. It seemed, on one hand, crazy; uprooting our entire family and life which is let’s face it, idyllic and incredible and our hearts rotate around the ocean, which is at the end of our street. To move to London; the creative hub and epicentre of Europe with new opportunities and study and experiences to be had.

Within 24 hours we were committed but it felt enormous and too much to handle, so we threw it out to the universe; show us if this is the path for us. And within three days before we boarded our flight home, with the help of friends that I will be forever grateful to, we found a stunning apartment, got Marley into a school down the road from it, enrolled her in soccer training, Arran landed some new clients and students started signing up for classes for when we return. It was simply too much beauty and grace to say no too!

Come April, we will share all The Broad Place has to offer in the UK, and throughout the year, in Europe and in the USA more deeply. The Broad Place will expand into teaching further in Australia and New Zealand which we are thrilled about also with Emily and Jo. It feels so right on so many levels.

Will we miss our beautiful home in Palm Beach? Will we miss the beauty of our lives here? Of course. But wherever our little family is, is where home is. And it’s not like we are not going to return to Australia often!

This next chapter feels thrilling, terrifying and to be honest utterly discombobulating. Just as any huge moment of expansion internally and externally should feel. I’ll be writing over the next few days about how to work with universal support and fear and how to discern when to do what. I hope it helps to inspire you to make some huge shifts that you might have been putting off!

Sent with love,

Jac x

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