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L E T T E R from Jac – Finding Better Ways To Increase Happy Hormones

Our Integrated Meditation students report that they tend to engage with technology differently once meditating regularly, and they frequently question why? There’s suddenly more discipline and a natural propensity to not use it as a crutch as much, especially around their phones as a tool for distraction. It happens for a few reasons. Firstly, when we have a lot of stress related hormones in our system, we will do anything to get happy hormones in the short term, like looking at stuff on our phone, EVEN with the awareness that this can also be eroding our long term happiness. Secondly, once we are better aligned with being present, being distracted doesn’t feel as great. Thirdly, we have less stress to relieve when meditating and transcending regularly, and so we look to other healthier ways to increase joy and happiness as opposed to band-aiding the stress and anxiety. BUT this also doesn’t mean steady meditators don’t fall prey to tech addictions as the brain is so plastic, we can quite literally wire anything into it. 

My first recommendation (obviously) is to meditate regularly to keep your happy hormones up. And here is an extra safeguard; look into how you keep your happy hormones flowing, and don’t just use them all up on tech. Phones are insanely addictive and we get a little oxytocin hit when we check them. Exercise, great socialising, being inspired (reading interesting things, seeing an art show, music, whatever floats your boat), quality sleep – all help elevate your happy hormones  and can create more stability while you wean yourself off your engagement with tech and social media. 

Have a beautiful weekend,

Jac x

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