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L E T T E R from Jac – Getting Caught In The Web Of Our Own Drama

Have you ever gotten so caught up in a story that you couldn’t see the forest for the trees? This is embarrassing to admit, but I go so caught in a funk about forgetting to pack my running sneakers this trip to Sydney, that it pretty much consumed a morning. It snowballed into Arran suggesting I just buy a new pair, and me literally stewing on the sheer amount of waste in the world and consumerism at large and dramatically catastrophising that I wouldn’t be able to go for ANY morning walks and basically sulking. WHAT an absolute waste of energy. And then the only days I could have done said walks it was pouring with rain. I am sharing this with you, as I have found for myself, and a lot of our students, our minds are blowing things WELL out of proportion at the moment. Wrapping up 2020 it feels like not much is left in the tank, and our thoughts are jumbled, our clarity is low, our fatigue is high. So, if you’re feeling sparkling clear and energised, just delete this email and sorry you had to suffer that mundane story of mine! But if you’re thinking this sounds familiar, then I wanted to suggest a few things…

– be compassionate towards yourself. No one wrote the playbook on how to deal with a pandemic, a major election in the USA, lockdown and all that has happened this year (it’s a mighty long list, imagine being the kids that have to sit history exams on the year 2020!!!)

– keep a sense of humour. I’ve found the rain very funny as it has reminded me for days now about catastrophising and how it robs us of the present moment

– don’t smash too much into your calendar – this is super unhelpful (note also to myself) when we don’t have a lot in the tank accelerating hard is challenging

– being kind to everyone around you including you, brings nothing but goodness. So be kind.

Sent with an enormous amount of compassion,

Jac x

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