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L E T T E R from Jac – Getting On With It

I work one on one with a lot of people around the world, usually immensely successful people locked into a framework of their mind and social conditioning that means they see the world only one way. We work together and my job is to help them see myriads of other ways in which things could be seen, including their lives, and get them resilient and empowered, so that the body decisions seem very comfortable and possible. What was once impossible, now feels adventurous. It’s a truly brilliant process and one I love walking people through. 

The DOJO is a place where you can join me on something similar, in the Black Belt tier, so if this sounds interesting, take a peek. Aside, begin now by asking yourself, where am I holding onto a vision of how things ‘should be’ rather than ‘could be’? Where might I be thinking in my life ‘that’s okay for others but I can’t possibly X,Y,Z’? How might you have been taught how things ’should’ be over how things ‘might’ be?

The DOJO launches with our first live lecture next weekend, you can choose your tier and come get involved. I’d love to have you a part of it.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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