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L E T T E R from Jac – Getting on with the Living and the Loving

I want us all to ponder, how often has holding onto my resentments paid off? How many moments have I been robbed of because I took something too seriously and just couldn’t get past it? Has any of my brooding or sulking brought me to my higher self, brought me a deeper experience of love?

On this Christmas Eve, let’s drop all our niggles, pettiness and potential you be churlish or childish. Let’s make a commitment to love. Let’s make a commitment to having fun. To being like Teflon to nonsense, to not worrying about comments from relatives, to being regretful as a gift we gave was unappreciated. Let’s not beat ourselves up because we ate too much. Sad because we are too alone, or too crowded. No to fretting, to being frustrated and pent up.

Let’s just move beyond all of that, and get on with living and loving this season.

Big love,

Jac x

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