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L E T T E R from Jac – Giving Freely That Which Counts

Our daughter had a huge upset of late within her football team (soccer for all the Australians) that was a shockingly handled situation that came out of nowhere like a tornado we didn’t see coming to hit. She had to make the very tough, but ethical decision that she was to leave the team. She was devastated as she had tried incredibly hard to get onto this particular team, and the whole situation felt so unfair. I was lamenting to one of my fav London friends the situation, and straight away she reached out to a football coach she knows that her son went to, Coach Moses. We connected and I spoke to him honestly about what had happened, and he said he sadly sees parents getting way too involved in their kids sport, and that even though he only has boys, due to the situation and her love of football, he would look at taking her on, and so she went to do a trial. She immediately was in awe of this coach.

A man of deep ethics, so authentic and a true leader. He said straight away to her, that ‘Respect and manners are free, they cost nothing, therefore should be used at every opportunity. These are skills, we should practice daily to become better’. This is the foundation of how he coaches. No ego is allowed, and supporting each other on the team and being respectful is king. She absolutely adores this team now. And in the process she learnt a seriously valuable lesson; that if a situation is incredibly uncomfortable and doesn’t fit and you feel it’s unjust, it’s okay to walk away, with your head held high. That even when you have nothing else to go to, still walk away, and do what’s right for you. And then trust, and the universe will gift you something even better, a more elegant fit, more inspiring. But the Universe wants to see you have respect for yourself first, and then it will meet you.

If something is plaguing you at the moment that you’re doing because you think you ‘should’, ask yourself, am I showing more respect to myself if I stay, or if I go? Also, let’s all ask of ourselves the things in our life that can be given freely; love, gratitude, kindness, respect, and manners, how can I daily be more abundant in letting these flow.

Oh and I contacted Coach Moses for the fact wording, as I loved it so much, I wanted to convey it in its entirety.

Written with love,

Jac x

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