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L E T T E R from Jac – How are you taking care of your mental fitness?

The brain and mind we tend to flog, relentlessly. If we want to be brain and mind fit, we need rest periods. In the same way that if we want to grow muscles in our body, we need to give those muscles a LOT of rest time to repair, we need to do the same for our brains and minds. This is where Integrated Meditation steps in. 

People often think that meditation is for stressed-out people. But it’s for anyone that wants more clarity, creativity and consciousness. Stress is often a block to these things. But you don’t need to come from a strung out position in order to enjoy the outcomes of a daily transcending meditation practice. We practice our twice daily Integrated Meditation because it allows the mind and body to have deep states of rest and repair, not so we feel fabulous whilst doing it necessarily, but so that we feel clearer, more creative and aligned in all the other times we are not meditating. Which if we meditate 20 mins twice a day, is 3% of the day, for an ROI on the other 97% of the 24 hours. It creates better emotional, spiritual and physical health. We unplug from all tech to do it, no listening to devices, just sitting anywhere we can with our mantra. It’s the deepest immersion into self. We need it because we have forgotten in our constant connection to the outside world, the relationship we need to have with ourselves. 

I invite you to come and learnt with Jo or I in the coming months. Please note I am taking September off teaching public IM courses to work on another teaching project, and will be back after August, teaching again in October. Jo will teach the whole way through. You can see our dates HERE and see more about IM HERE.

With love,

Jac x

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