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L E T T E R from Jac – How To Live A Life In Flow

This is really a follow on from yesterday, which was a Letter to you about the challenges that expectations bring into our life, which you can read HERE if you missed. Expectations are anti-flow in nature. Expectations mean we are swimming upstream against reality. Which frankly is tiring. 

We all hear about flow, talk about flow, want to live a life in flow. Dropping expectations are a key to this. But I want to add in some other potent ways to get your life more in flow. Some are obvious, some less so. I’ve found it’s the weirdly obvious ones that are most often overlooked.

– meditate daily, twice daily if you practice Integrated/Vedic/TM as it will encourage more flow in your life than any other thing I have ever worked with

– get good quality sleep and enough of it. It’s very hard to be in life flow when exhausted 

– leave enough space in between appointments and meetings so you don’t have to rush. Rushing is VERY anti-flow!

– get clear on your purpose, why are you doing what you do – align your actions to something greater than yourself, and life flows more beautifully

– get creative, creativity can be the single most frustrating thing you do, but also the most rewarding. Push your creative boundaries, doing more of this creates more flow.

– do good in the world. It’s not the single antidote to stress and anxiety (anti flow states) but knowing that you are creating good in the world helps the days flow.

– stop thinking about yourself so much – especially in a negative way – philosophy and tools should be introduced, implemented, integrated, not sweated over. If you’re sweating your spirituality or self development, you’re missing the point

With kindness,

Jac x

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