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L E T T E R from Jac – Know Thy Self

I would also add to power, is the education about oneself. To know oneself is to understand our conditioning and personality, and our habitual ways, our nuanced approach of being in the world. It’s incredibly helpful, as a lot of the time we are the very thing in our own way. We can learn as much as we can on the world, but without the wisdom that goes with that education, we can still be lost at the sea of our lives.

So might I suggest investing more time in undemanding yourself. Whether it through meditation, learning something new, adopting a new way of exercising, moving house/countries, travel, therapy – the possibilities are endless – watch closely to how you engage, how you respond, and how you might do it better. How do you thrive when things go well, and cope when they don’t. This kind of education will be the most powerful way in which you can change your world.

Jac x

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