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L E T T E R from Jac – Letting Creativity Flow To You

Life is a combination of making it happen (ends up being a small percentage) and things outside of our control (the majority of life). Creativity is thinking laterally in the moments that it’s happening around us. It’s the idea that it might in fact be FOR us and not TO us, even if undesirable. 

Our new landlords (yes we have a new home we are moving into in a few weeks!!!) were showing us the home. The wife of the couple said ‘my husband can’t be here Australian Story are doing a documentary on him…it’s a long story’. Of course a story I wanted to know more about. Casually she explained, oh it’s a bit of fun, a fake Russian Choir a bunch of local guys started that got quite popular. I asked, can your husband speak Russian and she looked at me strangely and said, no, he can’t speak Russian. Of course my fascination was piqued. I asked our mutual friend and she said, oh they’re amazing, all these guys singing in Russian and it all came about because a music festival wanted a Russian Choir and they sort of put their hand up, and its now hugely successful and they travel everywhere with it. 

A conversation between a disappointed music festival curator and some local guys ended up like this. What a remarkable story! For me it goes to show, if you see what’s flowing downstream and use your creativity, it can be a LOT more interesting than forcing something into submission. The choir is called DustyEsky if you’re keen to listen to them too.

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