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L E T T E R from Jac – Life Is Beautiful

Sifu Shi Yan Ming is RZA from Wu Tang Clan’s teacher (sifu) in kung-fu, and I really like this simple breakdown of what he called ‘basic messages’ to his disciples and students. I very much like the opening, that life is beautiful and the completion wraps with instruction to express your beautiful life. It’s a gift to be born as a human with all the growth and evolution available to us. It’s a gift to be able to walk, to have eyesight, to be able to communicate. It’s a blessing to have access to fresh water (790 million people globally right now do not). It’s a blessing to have access to sanitation (1.8 billion people do not). If you have a roof over your head you are a part of the 80% globally that do, for 20% do not. I keep reminding people when I hear them complain of not being able to travel that 94% of the world has never been on a plane. I keep reminding myself of this when a whine is about to spill from my lips that I wish I could travel. 

We need to train our minds and brains on what to look to, what to honour, what to focus on. That’s a choice available to everyone. So I ask of you, what will you choose, what will you honour, what will you focus on today. Who will you help, who will you be of service to, today?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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