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L E T T E R from Jac – Little Choices

My friend Jen told her son, it’s not so much about the big decisions in your life, it’s about the tiny, micro decisions you make continuously that matter. I loved this. Because it’s these were choices, the ones we frequently ignore – as being insignificant – that add up, accumulate and impact us the most. We think it’s the Relationship, the Baby, the House, the Career that are the all important ones. But they don’t get to their decisive point without a hundred or thousand micro decisions standing behind them. 

So – to quote Monday’s Letter with Rosie – pay attention to what you’re paying attention to’. The little moves, actions, phrases, cognitive biases, beliefs. The little white lies. The habits that undermine you. So small you are missing them. 

Work on expanding your awareness away from the tunnel vision of Big Decisions, and into what does today look like. This morning. This hour. This minute. Is everything in alignment? This is why we meditate. Integrated Meditation is 10-20 minutes twice a day. It feels like a big commitment and often not much at all. But it accumulates. Over time, this steady drip feed of deeper consciousness and less stress responses shapes us into larger results. 

So what are you committing to day to day? 

Oh and this will be our last Letter for a few weeks whilst I go on a silent Retreat with some friends. I was going to smash out a bunch before I left, but this Letter above reminded even me, to just honour what’s more important – and that this moment is a pocket of rest. 

With kindness,

Jac x

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