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L E T T E R from Jac – Meditate First

It’s so tempting to prioritise other things over our meditation practices. Let’s face it, our ego’s do NOT want us meditating. Connecting with our souls, calming our minds and rinsing our bodies of stress, tension and fatigue is not really in the ego’s interest. Checking emails over and over, gluing our selves to our phones, watching more Netflix and scrolling Instagram are all distractions that the ego loves.

First thing in the morning when you meditate, don’t check your emails or phone. Just create a little vacuum for that short period where you are just a human being. And when you sit for your second one, same goes. Lord knows the amount of times I have sat, checked the time and thought, oh I just need to check X REALLY quickly and have lost 15 minutes working from my phone on something. Then slightly panicked and time feeling like it’s running out hurriedly sat through a shorter meditation.

We can learn from these experiences though, and learn to just get in the chair. There is very little that can’t wait 20 minutes. Creating a habit is vital, but being disciplined around it even more so. I always teach students that their Integrated Meditation practice will gift them so much from the 20 minutes sitting, but also provide knowledge about how they deal with their practice. Their habits, patterns, and blocks will become so much more evident around their practice. And when we are doing something in one area of life, we are invariably doing it others also. Use your practice as the blueprint for discovery.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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