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L E T T E R from Jac – Meditation; The Mystery and the Sometimes The Misery Part 1

Yes, I agree with this quote and inspiring words like bliss and divinity and beauty are often used in conjunction with meditation. The problem with it is that then we can feel like meditation and life should be this never-ending explosion of bliss and happiness, and at the least, our meditation practice should reflect this. Anything that doesn’t look like or feel like this can then feel like a failure. This is when we can become extra miserable about our practice as it’s not delivering an incorrect expectation we may have had.

Now there are many challenges when embracing an ancient practice created millennia ago like meditation was. We are attempting to meditate within modern life, and yes indeed the benefits far outweigh them, however also discussing these challenges and simply bringing them to light can also help our meditation practice. This is what we spend a lot of time discussing on our Integrated Meditation courses so that students feel empowered to meditate, not guilty and stressed about meditation. I’ll share a few key takeaways over the next few Monday’s when we focus on meditation to hopefully align you with your practice.


Feeling guilty about meditation is a waste of time and emotion. Instead, congratulate yourself on whatever meditations you are doing, instead of beating yourself up for each one missed. Focus on what you are doing, not what you think should be doing and are not doing. This can also be applied to every single area of our lives!

More to come on this…

Sent with love,

Jac x

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