L E T T E R from Jac – Meditation; The Mystery and the Sometimes The Misery Part 2 – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – Meditation; The Mystery and the Sometimes The Misery Part 2

I wrote last Monday about some ways in which to reframe and approach your meditation practice, whatever the lineage and technique you practice…

We invest a lot of time, with heavy doses of reality, working through students with their personal practice. There is no cookie cutter way of doing a practice. Into our Integrated Meditation courses.  We spend a lot of time discussing ways to learn from HOW we approach our practice as much as what we experience from our practice. Our mission is for students to feel empowered to meditate, not guilty and stressed about meditation. I’m sharing a few key takeaways over a few Monday’s (Monday’s is when we focus on meditation) to hopefully align you with your practice. See last week’s HERE.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT for your practice!! Don’t try to get it perfect.

Don’t get uptight and stressed about your meditation practice. There is no such construct as perfect, it’s just being created in your head. Don’t wait for the perfect time, place, etc… just get in the chair. The kids might be whining, there’s a deadline waiting, a million emails to send, one more thing to clean and pick up. JUST GET IN THE CHAIR. It will, I promise you, all still be there when you finish meditating. But you’ll be in a different state and more equipped to handle whatever it is. This is the whole reason we sit for our Integrated Meditation sessions so that we can be more dynamic, creative and flexible in our lives. Apply these things to your meditation practice first.

More to come on this…

Sent with love,

Jac x

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