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L E T T E R from Jac – Move Thy Arse

Over the High Vibe Challenge, in order to raise your vibration, we are going to focus on getting your endorphins rocking! So 5 times a week, even if one session is walking the dogs for half an hour – we are all moving our bodies. Sometimes we just need a lift from our daily exercise or let’s face it, a kick in the arse to get back into it!

I’ll share something with you, I didn’t use to take my physical training that seriously. I did karate, yoga, swam at the beach, but it was all sporadic and dependant on my work schedule. Coming to London I committed to raising the bar in every area of my life. So I am physically training in London with Kirk Miller and I cannot even explain how dedicated I am now to training, in a way I have never been. Kirk works on mindset, the physical body, self-limiting beliefs, and diet. It’s exactly what I needed to wake up to quiet self-destructive behaviours that I had lurking and also kick me into gear! So before although I quietly rolled my eyes at personal training, now I am obsessed!! Having someone to be accountable is king, and working with someone with immense experience and a polish in regards to technique and knowledge is the best, and I now wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wanted to list the people that we have worked with that we love, and if you’re on the Facebook page, PLEASE shout out to any amazing fitness champions around the world everyone should try or tag on Instagram. If you are serious about getting fit, like meditation, find someone brilliant to teach you, train you and inspire you!

Fluid Form Pilates – Arran broke his back a long time ago, only discovering this old injury through his cancer treatment, and pilates he attributes to literally putting him back together again. He trained at Fluid Form Pilates in Sydney for years, and I went there for our pre-wedding prep and loved it. Thank GOD Kirsten has now created their online training so you can do pilates from anywhere. HIGHLY recommended by Arran and I!

I also combine my online training with in-person pilates classes at Exhale Pilates London because founder Gaby is the bomb.

I highly recommend in Sydney Flow Athletic because Ben and KK totally back up their philosophy of holistic training with the drive to get you at your optimum. They’re both meditation students of The Broad Place, and I have seen first hand how they walk to the talk genuinely in transforming their lives and the lives of those around them! They also tour all around Australia their Flow After Dark which is a phenomenon now unto itself.

I really try mix it up, and do a few sessions of Ashtanga yoga a week, stretch every single day, and then try walking 10,000 steps a day and I am starting Aikido at a local dojo in September.

How do I fit it all in? I get very creative with my schedule. I look at productive hours at work, not hours in total at work. I train with friends and my husband to spend time with them also. What do I get in return for all of this – EVERYTHING I WANT in the form of energy, endorphins, and happy hormones, more productivity and, being able to fit into my pants!!

So stop your excuses (if you need any, I have a tonne you can borrow from past experience) and move, thy, arse!

Written with love,

Jac x

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