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L E T T E R from Jac – Navigating Out Of A Rut

Is anyone else in a massive rut right now with their work? Feeling stuck and unmotivated? Welcome to The Rut. It’s a crap place to be in regards to creativity and productivity. I wanted to share the few things I do to launch myself out of ruts. 

– GET FOCUSSED. I write lists of what needs doing and then list them in regards to importance – forcing myself to get the most important ones done first. This gifts a nice happy hormone download on accomplishment of the first two most important ones and everything seems easier from than on. 

–  LIMIT DISTRACTION. I already have all notifications turned off everything, but I also place my phone on silent. If you have notifications on – are you mad? These are the kings of distraction – take them all off! Remove text or any type of messaging off your computer too. 

– GET YOUR HAPPY HORMONES UP. Exercise is the queen here – you have to be moving your body and shaking upon your nervous system to shake up a stagnant mind. 30 mins a day minimum. 

– MORNINGS ARE SACRED. This is for me, for you evenings might be. But I try get my most important work done first thing. I do my morning meditation and rituals, and then write the Letter for tomorrow and then write for whatever I am working on – books, media interviews, students emails, jotting down ideas for my private mentoring students etc. General mails wait until MUCH later. All admin I do later in the day – mornings are for creative output.

Hope this helps a touch, for a present or future rut!

Jac x

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