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L E T T E R from Jac – NEWLY AVAILABLE Integrated Meditation Online

Something I never expected would happen (aside from a freaking pandemic) is that we are being inundated with requests to study Integrated Meditation online. By people that have been so desperate to learn to transcend and allow their bodies a deep state of rest. People who were planning on learning in the coming months or year, and now have no longer the luxury of time, and are under immense amounts of stress and need to learn, and now. I cannot say no, fielding so many calls and emails, and hearing people’s stories. People locked inside no longer able to access even nature outside like in France. People stuck alone, with no friends or family in the cities like NY and LA, people who are losing loved ones. There are so many who want to dive deeply into a spiritual life as they are cracked open, and I want to be able to be of service.

So, in breaking with a long standing tradition of only teaching in person and after a fierce conversation with a trusted friend who told me to pull my head out of my own arse and now is not a time to ‘keep with purity’, I am now going to teach online, just as I would in person, until the pandemic ends. We will also be creating an online beginners mantra based meditation course called Mind Fit, that will be available in 2-3 weeks time. The difference is Mind Fit, will be pre-recorded, involve a universal mantra, and online tutorials that you can sit at any time with no live interaction but a beautiful starting point for a mantra based meditation practice and all you need to build your daily meditation practice.

Integrated Meditation Online will be a ceremony we share together, each student being given a personal mantra, and live tutorials just like I normally do in person, but over video with students. I will be doing small group courses live online of Integrated Meditation at set times, and can also do private courses at times that suit students, in single person courses or with a small group. As per normal Integrated Meditation students will have access to all that our live students access with (now online) meditation meetings and extra teachings and resources and the ability to resit in person (once we get that going again) or online.

If you would like to learn either, please email us so that we can get in touch as soon as these both go live. We will begin teaching next weekend live online, and hope to begin to share with you then. Also for all our students who are requesting their Advanced Mantra online, please email me and we can do this also.

Together we will innovate, together we will create.

With love,

Jac xx

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