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L E T T E R from Jac – Nothing Is Lacking

One of the big issues I have with spirituality and self-development is the constant seeking to better oneself when it comes from a place of lack. Self-knowledge and development should come from a place of fullness, love, and compassion. It’s simply dialing up all the goodness that we have already at play. It’s allowing our best selves to come into the light more. It’s not about changing ourselves into someone we are not. Too often, spirituality and self-development becomes another form of the ego bashing us into thinking we are not enough. Which is totally not the point of it all!

When we look up to others as inspiration, with joy, that comes from a place of love. When we look to others as a way to tell ourselves that we are not enough, that comes from a place of ego. When we bring ourselves fully to the world, that comes from a place of acceptance. When we hide and pretend, this comes from a place of ego. When we listen to a podcast and think; wow, so inspiring, our heart is lit up. When we listen to a podcast and tell ourselves we are simply not ‘doing enough’ with our lives, we are orientated from our egos.

When we realise that when we are moving from our hearts, nothing is lacking. And when we move from our egos, there is only lack. We have two clear directions in which to choose from. When we move from our hearts the whole world belongs to us.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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