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L E T T E R from Jac – Polishing Body and Mind

In the martial arts Dojo, the object is to learn, so that you can then take the teachings into your daily life. The Dojo is not meant to be an exclusive place where martial arts is practiced, but instead a place of cultivating for mind, body and spirit. We created The DOJO within The Broad Place as just this, a place in which to learn, with the emphasis on integrating the learnings into your personal life, your work, your relationships, and into everything you do. Each month we work through various teachings, spanning Vedanta, Taoism, Zen, Buddhism as well as neuroscience, psychology and more. 

Last month, we met and focussed on the task of Auditing and Editing a particular chosen theme, where we workshopped how we can eliminate the non-essential so that we can dive deeper into the essential and live a richer life. It was really well received, and for many, it was their favourite session to date. The next month, in September, we are going to then discuss Refining, the areas that are going well in life, but we can tweak and play for better outcomes. Like attracts like, and with more flow, clarity and creativity, it extends into other areas more deeply. If you would like to join, there are three levels in which you can join us. 

The White Belt level is $10/month, and gives you access to the 90 minute recorded Workshop for that month only. The Orange belt is $20/month and you have access to the previous Workshops, as well as attending the present month live online with me, and receive various Letters and prompts from me throughout the month. The Black Belt is $95/month, and you receive in addition to everything from the Orange Belt level, a 25 minute one on one mentoring session with me. The idea is this is a continual process where we refine each month together themes in your life. 

The beautiful thing is you can toggle up and down each month as you choose. To enrol, please see here for more information. I would love to have you a part of it. 

Jac x

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