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L E T T E R from Jac – Preparation

What is it that you are working on right now? Is it your meditation practice? Is it healthier eating? Is it a new project? Do you want to begin to spend more time in nature, be more present? Today’s Letter stems from yesterday’s letter and is the next step in achieving what you want.

Preparation is absolutely key for everything in life that wants to be undertaken well. If you want a stable meditation practice – put your sittings in your calendar. Don’t wait for a window to sit, it will never appear. If you want to eat healthier, don’t have crappy food in the house. Make sure you have what you need for meals around so you don’t resort to takeaway and so on. If you want to attend to a new project, schedule it, make lists of what you need, prioritise it, and say no to things that will stop you from doing it. If you want to be more attuned to nature, and be more present, eat your lunch outside, look at the night sky, observe the moon, the tides, the sun’s tracking through the sky over the day. If you want to be more present, get off your phone. 

Essentially, it’s two parts – adding in what you want, removing that which takes away from what you want. Chip away at these two things, and it all begins to come together. It takes preparation, and rarely happens spontaneously and without intention. 


Jac x 

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