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L E T T E R from Jac – Put Down Your Books

At The Broad Place, we advocate study and reading all the time. However, if the study is not taken into action it’s useless. I absolutely adore reading, absorbing, studying. I dedicate a moment of every day to this. It’s a process that’s very live though, and I discard as much of what I read through trial and error of action as I do which I keep with me. Too often we engage with reading about spirituality and philosophy without taking the lessons into our days. We read magazines on creativity to be inspired, but don’t then take that creativity into daily action. We read books on self-development, only to be motivated but not actually moving these tools and techniques into action.

There are all these new services now that truncate books. 15 minutes and apparently you can understand the whole book. When did we start completely missing the point of knowledge? The slow process of learning involves testing it, failing it, making mistakes with it, loving it or disliking it and making it our own or putting it aside.

We think that one day we will have the time for all this implementation, but we’re a bit pushed right now, so for now, we will just absorb and stay inspired. This is dead knowledge. We want alive knowledge. Knowledge that every day we bring into our lives. That we find if it’s true for us. That we dive into deeply. Perhaps it’s an experiment to try out for yourself. Every day, just one page, one truth sought, to implement and find out if it’s true for you, rather than chewing through of book after book.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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