L E T T E R from Jac – Relating To Oneself and Others, and some important notes for you to close off 2020 – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – Relating To Oneself and Others, and some important notes for you to close off 2020

Being a human can be challenging stuff, we’re an intricate web of thoughts, bias, prejudice, conditioning and the expressing of all of that, our ability to give and receive love, forgive, be compassionate and kind, can be an enormous task when we ourselves are contracted. 

Expansion of our mind, consciousness and heart is key. 

This Saturday I am hosting our next instalment of The DOJO, a 90 minute live online Workshop on Relationships which is very interactive and you can join this in varying tiers. The main focus will be on compassion coming into Christmas and holiday time after an immense year for everyone, with lots of tools, and philosophy. Then in early December, I have a beautiful half day Retreat in Sydney, in a private residence in North Bondi on Relating to Oneself and Others, of which you can read more HERE, with just a handful of spots left on. 

You can also join me for our last Integrated Meditation course of the year, in-person in North Bondi Sydney. If you’re ready for the daily discipline of a meditation practice that will shift you and your life, then come join me for these 3 sessions over 3 days. If you’ve already sat the Vedic/Integrated Meditation course with us then I would love to welcome you to resit the course as the year comes to a close! For those exciting students that have been meditating a year or more (also with Transcendental Meditation), you are welcome to join our Advanced Mantra Meditation Class, and up-level your practice as you step into 2021. 

Then there is the final DOJO live session on Saturday 12th Dec, and then I will be taking a month’s sabbatical from teaching and writing, which I’m hugely looking forward to after such a bumper year of working with people all over the globe through 2020. It’s been an enormous year for me personally and for The Broad Place, and I am going to spend time with my family, time solo, party with friends, dive into some study, deepen my tea practice and spend as much time in nature and the ocean as physically possible! 

To facilitate this, we are going to shut down our online store in regards to physical product from Nov 30th until mid January. This makes zero financial sense but all the sense in honoring our physical and mental health. I have learnt over so many decades that without these two things, the rest isn’t worth it anyway. So, I really want to invite you to ask of yourself, what might you do to honor your higher self, and live your higher grade life? What might you do that traditionally you might not? If you take Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Financial factors into the picture, what does it look like and what will you choose? 

I wish you luck,

Jac x

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