L E T T E R from Jac – Resuming Daily Letters In A Crisis – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – Resuming Daily Letters In A Crisis

After being swamped with requests, and being still unable to work out exactly how to segregate out database, I am throwing it all to the wind and just returning to Daily Letters until we can work it out! Open to all help, we use Mailchimp for any special friends that get how to add this option in with ease!

In all honesty some of the more positive quotes and messages lately, mine included, have triggered me a bit and have them gotten under my skin. Like an itch, I can’t scratch. Messages about it all being just having our manifesting powers tested or to stay positive and it will all work out. I yo-yo between being thankful for them, and then having an urge to scream at everyone to just shut the fuck up. So I sat down and gave this some deeper consideration. And I made peace with the fact that I think both responses are valid really. We are all under immense pressure right now and there’s no singular way to respond. I have been in the past a bankrupt single mum, but also was going it alone, and didn’t have the added heart break of so many of our friends going under around us. I wasn’t worried for my parents health at the time, and my brother who is severely high risk. So it feels all kinds of surreal right now. And I think we all need to accept the fleetingness of our emotions and the raw strength of them and not force ourselves to feel anything other than what we feel. It’s obviously important not to scream at people mind you, that’s a given! But accepting the volatility and also not feeling guilty for feeling okay in moments (this I hear a LOT right now), and just know this is an insane time and we have no guidebook.

From this place I share this quote. It was written in the 1800’s, which I find especially fascinating. It might make you want to scream, or take pause and ponder. I’m okay with both.

Love you,

Jac x

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