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L E T T E R from Jac – Running Them Storylines

The brain is a remarkable affirmation tool. Allow our minds to tell us something, believe it, and watch the brain prove it true. Storylines develop dramatically from here. Find a little fault in someone and watch the brain find ALL sorts of things to affirm negativity about them. Decide to go on a vacation somewhere, and watch the brain work through hundreds of thousands of pieces of information to show you everything about that place – Instagram, dinner parties, newspaper articles, everything will be filled with this place! Decide you want a particular fashion item, suddenly it seems everyone is wearing it.

We joke that there’s an FBI agent in our mobiles hawking our every conversation and search, to fill our inbox and feed with advertisements. Think of the brain as the same. On constant alert to find things you are discussing with yourself, and then filling your environment with them.

The key to getting out of this storyline business is to not buy into all the minds’ activities, all the thoughts, all the brain’s censoring, and get present. Coming back to the present moment can be tough when the minds volume is on high. So use your senses. Ask yourself, what am I tasting right now? What am I feeling at this moment? Open your eyes wider to take in what’s around you. Listen behind you for a moment. What can you hear?

This will open up the ‘here and now‘ immediately, and create a gap in the storyline for you to get present to reality.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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