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L E T T E R from Jac – Spirituality

Sri M is one of my favourite teachers, for he combines the richest of spiritual knowledge, with practical modern living. I love this idea of the bookmarking of dawn and dusk with spiritual practice. When my daughter was small, I had to truly come to terms with that no longer meant yoga and meditation at those hours, but simply presence, and dealing with frustration and exhaustion mostly, attempting a grace and flow with it all. Now I have the time to actually do ‘spiritual practices’ at those times, yet also don’t wish to exclude my family and my work life from these. For it is ALL spiritual work. There is no division. Spirituality is simply an exploration of spirit, of soul, of what it means to be human, within our daily life. My practice has become more centred in making it all one thing, whilst also not using that idea as an excuse to not actually meditate or do my rituals and grounding routines. However there can be an honouring at those times, a depth, a presence. A reminder to be utterly present to what is. Even if it’s only at dawn and at dusk that we manage it, the rest of the day lost in the heat of our lives.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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