L E T T E R from Jac – Support and Synchronicity – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – Support and Synchronicity

In life, there is sometimes universal support, and sometimes too many roadblocks. Discerning which is which simply takes years of attuning to. Our instinct and connection to the universe deepens immensely through Integrated/Vedic Meditation. It’s my absolute baseboard for living a high-grade life in collaboration with the universe. From this, it’s easier to discern what is actually going on and having the clarity and strength to make the decisions that will elevate life. Additionally, a daily meditation practice builds resilience. Which you will need if you’re planning on up-levelling.

So if you’re ready to take your life to new places, get your support systems in place. How can you deepen your experiences, your intuition and trust? What would a daily meditation commitment look like to help you? What people will you have in your corner to help you? What study or education can you do to increase your knowledge and wisdom?

Arran, a forever sceptic, has been playing around and experimenting with the concept of universal support now for years and is now totally aligned with the idea. We both meditate in order to tune in. We frequently say ‘Throw it to the universe and let’s see what it turns up’. I also do things like ceremonies, rituals and prayer as a part of this collaboration with the universe. That’s about 10 steps too far for Arran hahaha…

Sent with love,

Jac x

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