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L E T T E R from Jac – The Big Secret to Creativity

Creativity, and any expression of it, involves a deep relationship with fear. Creativity is not just being an artist. It’s how we relate, dress, eat, parent, socialise. I believe creativity is the flow that underpins absolutely everything we do, in all its expressions. And I understand why people say ‘Oh I am not creative’ – because the fear that goes with it, can be all-engulfing. Once we begin to work with our creativity though, we also begin to work with our fears. In order to be truly creative, we must embrace, and actually go after making mistakes. We must let the ego chatter on over there, not up close, and work with our humanity as part of the process.

We actually need to hold fear close, let it guide us but not rule us. Once we feel into the pulse of fear, instead of running away, we can let it pulse with our heartbeat and our breath, just become inherent in the system instead of tearing away from it. Because fear is there to protect us. And the ego hijacks it to block us from creativity, to protect us from accessing our heart and soul. My ego if I let it, does a brilliant job of this. So it’s a job I make redundant daily.

Written with love,

Jac x

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