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L E T T E R from Jac – The Choice We Get To Make

We can truly lean into the current situation of the pandemic as a way to discover the truth of ourselves. We might be shocked at what we discover, having told ourselves a string of stories that loosely quilt together a reality we now find filled with holes, threadbare. I’ve been through a lot of crisis in my life, and sadly, people’s ability to divide no longer shocks me like it once did. Including my own reactions to situations that I feel rising in me in moments, where I think scarcity will touch my family. 

So we must all steady ourselves. We must understand we are not our thoughts. We are not our anger. We are not our frustration. These are all things that move through us, but the truth of us is love. So I want to ask of you, how can you honour love, not in a puffy-cute-baby-panda way, but in a full spectrum way authentic way. How can you catch yourself in moments and return to a letting go of judgement and division, and return to being more compassionate. Use your own fear and anger to understand everyone else will respond in their unique way, and give them the space to process. Even if over there. I’ve been watching eyes wide as spiritual communities I have been a part of become even more divided in crisis. I have to remind myself that even those that do deep spiritual work are still human, and people armed with so many tools and decades of practice can still have an utter meltdown. Which is humbling, and at once a clear reminder that even they need extra compassion right now.

If we align with the Universe/God/nature/the Divine, you can call it whatever you like then we align with love. Complete love comes with surrender to those we love and to those we don’t necessarily love on first glance. Even those we actually down and out dislike. It’s not a time for division, and it’s not a time for judging ‘who is doing what right’ by made up standards. It’s a time to connect, it’s a time to understand, and empathise. We each have a different path to walk, and we need to each honor what we need to honor. I truly believe a higher power is connected to us all, and I truly hope that higher power can guide us in moments like these, but we have to do the surrendering to it, and let go of our small mind God-complexes on what everyone else ‘should’ be doing, how everyone else ’should be responding’ and get back into our hearts. 

But it’s a choice, so what will we choose? In every day, in every moment we remember to?

Sent with absolute love,

Jac x

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