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L E T T E R from Jac – The Complexity of Being Human

Being a human is a very complex thing. We are either moving from our heart, acknowledging our privilege, sharing our emotional, physical and spiritual wealth with those in need, or, we are begrudging, lazy, and resentful. Now I manage to be both, a lot. Yo-yoing from one to the other. I have moments of deep resentment, frustration and anger in my life. I have moments where I lack compassion, I say mean things, get defensive, throw my hands up, and I think terrible thoughts. I also have moments of absolute grace, kindness from a depth I didn’t even know existed, empathy that astounds me and flow with a love that lights me and others up. All of these are human experiences, I think it’s very hard to ‘only be love’ when we have an ego and a thinking mind, decades of conditioning, integration into a society that is not about equality and is in constant suffering. But, we can certainly try. It’s the direction we want to face.

What if we acknowledged that we are living in constant opposition inside ourselves between love and separation? Oneness and division? What if the work was reconciling these two things, and then choosing a heart based response in each moment. Instead of running away from the discomfort of the hatefulness, we accepted it as part of the game, and still kept playing. Instead of getting on a spiritual high horse (of which I am seeing waaayyy to much of lately) and saying for example that racism is spiritual work, and it should just ‘be all about love’, we acknowledged even inside we are divided a lot of the time. It’s actually just the work of being a human being, it’s not special, and elevated and about consciousness, it’s actually the work every human should be doing, to create equality within, and within the world. 

Written with love,

Jac x

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