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L E T T E R from Jac – The Efficiency Of Social Relationships

Efficiency is where anything immediately irrelevant is trimmed out. Keywords around efficiency are force, computation, intelligence, knowledge. The problem with it is that it ignores natural intelligence. Social efficiency is where we make the assumption for speed’s sake, unconsciously, that everyone is stagnant, the same as yesterday, so we can process faster. That also includes ourselves. This leaves little or no room for curiosity, a broader perspective and an open natural way of interacting. It also means we are at risk of ignoring our natural intelligence, that deeper flow of natural creativity, that encourages a graceful evolution, as we are ignoring all the signs that growth is taking place and bulldozing through our days, and people, instead.

What if today we took our blinkers off, opened up the aperture on our awareness and treated everyone, absolutely everyone, like they have completely evolved overnight. That we were there to discover something utterly new about them. The people we worked with, our friends, the bus driver, the other parents at school, our families. Intrigued, gentle, we interact with a new openness to see what’s there within them.

Written with love,

Jac x

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