L E T T E R from Jac – The Evolution Of The Broad Place – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – The Evolution Of The Broad Place

I am deep in work on refining how we offer The Broad Place to the world!! Our commitment is to bring creativity and clarity into people’s lives and help them live more consciously. The philosophy of High-Grade Living which also filters through everything we do, and how Arran and I live, is one of Auditing, Editing, and Refining. High-Grade Living is not about adding in more, chasing and grasping, but removing that which can result in more creativity, space and grace in how we work and live.

The Broad Place is now entering its 7th year, and for those of you that have been with us from the beginning, you know that we are a constantly evolving creation. As part of this, we have been moving with a fine-tooth comb through every inch of what we create and offer you in the form of education in being your higher self. One key area of my life that has continued to overwhelm me has been emails. I barely have time to read the trusted ones I follow and choose to get off tech and read a book instead. I know many of you experience email overwhelm also. So the Letters for me are not making sense in our commitment to reducing overwhelm and clarity. We have been writing these Letters for 7 years now, and daily for over two years, and it’s time for an evolution. Additionally, one of my favourite newsletters is the highly considered and articulate Letter from our Integrated Meditation student James Pillion that I have found inspiring and creative and I look forward to each and every week. James sends a beautiful and elegant Letter with many stories once a week. Another loved for me is Nick Cave’s Red Hand Files, also a weekly. So with all this at the fore, we are going to evolve our daily Letters into one elegant, inspiring weekly Letter that from next week, we will send on a Friday.

We understand a lot of you draw inspiration from the daily Letters and we look forward to having them come to you with more creativity and clarity – and to create more space for you in your inbox!

Written an excited and loving heart,

Jac x

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