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L E T T E R from Jac – The Gifts Not Under The Tree

Have you ever received a present and thought, ‘weird, and certainly not what I want’ yet it’s gone onto be the most useful present ever? Something you end up loving, madly and can’t imagine life without it? A silicon spatula was that for me, when they were first created. My friend Nikki gave me one, really excited about it. And I thought what an odd gift and dismissed it as something I wouldn’t use. That spatula was life-changing in the kitchen. Same went with these funny little kitchen pegs, little clips from IKEA. Again, a really odd gift, kind of tacky. I used those things every, single, day. I ended up getting fancy metal versions of them in Japan. I also bought some for my parents. Who reacted the same way I did when receiving these kitchen pegs, awkwardly. They now love those little pegs like mad. Arran is a big gift giver, and at times I really thought he had missed the mark, yet I have continually found the gifts I have loved the most in my life were the ones I wasn’t expecting and the ones I thought I didn’t need.

Gifts come in all kinds of packages, in ways we don’t always understand will impact us. When we begin to see that our suffering, getting triggered, having a rough patch, are actually unique and thoughtful gifts from the universe – opportunities for us to sort ourselves out, we begin to not just take note, but get actively involved. Instead of kicking it aside, we begin to be grateful for this beautiful gift, a carefully wrapped, exquisitely packed present just for us. Imagine being the Universe, and constantly wrapping these precious presents for someone, and they keep throwing them out without opening them, or sulking as it wasn’t what they wanted.

If we can begin to shift our perspective and understand that every day, we fret over something and that something was placed there uniquely just for us to learn how to move past it, to show us how we are attached or gripped by it, then we certainly don’t resent this gift, and we don’t blow it off. The matrix of our lives are being designed in a remarkable way, for us to work through our lives and connect to our higher selves. If we choose. So we note it with a thank you and appreciatively get into using it, as the next step in our evolution. It’s all there to help us set our souls free.

Written with love,

Jac x

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