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L E T T E R from Jac – The Most Creative Of Times

The thing I am loving about the current time is the lack of small talk. It feels like we can all just dive into the juicy depths of sharing now, stripping back all the daily minutiae for bigger conversations. I love asking people what innovation or creativity they have discovered in this time for themselves or their work. The answers have all had a central theme based on doing things one would never have considered doing previously, but now COVID times have broken all the rules. I mean truly, who would have ever imagined that so much of the world would work from home, the sky would be predominantly free of airplanes, and we would have to rethink every way in which we existed and interacted. Some incredible innovation and creativity is taking place, initially out of need, that is then being expanded upon. Movies are being rented online by cinemas, with a pay per view rental. Gigs and DJ sets are being live streamed. Weddings have taken place online, birthdays and celebrations. Magazines that were strictly digital are now going into print. Magazines that were strict print are going digital. Fashion is being completely turned on it’s head, in regards to seasons and consumer needs. Artists are exhibiting online only, with interviews and videos on their processes that were traditionally never shared. The list goes on. Arran and I are working on the most juicy creative projects, books, art shows, audio and visual projects, and it is lighting us up like lanterns. Everything seems possible, and suddenly being bound by tight budgets is an exciting time to rethink every component. 

The social binds about how things ‘are done’ are being broken down and we are more than ever open to new ways of creating, innovating and sharing. We can all address how we invite in more creativity and innovation, it’s a process and takes some thought and some work. I truly believe we are just at the beginning of a remarkable moment in regards to what’s possible, don’t you personally want to be a part of it? 

With inspiration,

Jac x

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