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L E T T E R from Jac – The Mostest Goodest

Marley when she was little used to say some days after kindergarten that she was really proud as she was the ‘mostest goodest’ at school. The kids were all praised for being ‘good’ which was kind, compassionate, helping each other out or the teacher, trying their best, and sharing. Their concept of being good was pretty rock solid.

Being bad meant pushing, being nasty, and not helping out, being selfish and being lazy.

Then we all grow up, and somehow being the ‘goodest’ loses its sparkle, and being the most popular, or wealthiest, or cleverest, or hierarchal seems to count more in today’s society. Sometimes, the more ‘bad’ you are in fact, the more you are rewarded. Be appalling and you might even be the President, yay!

We can each individually return to our core of goodness. We can work out, where will we have the most impact if we apply the most of our goodness? Where can we not encourage bad behaviour, and instead applaud good behaviour. When is it time that I stepped up and stopped co-facilitating a society where badness is celebrated, should be the big question being asked.

So what will you, as one powerful individual, do?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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