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L E T T E R from Jac – The Other Side Of Fear

With our upcoming move to London, Arran and I have been working with a lot of fear. That’s the thing with fear that I’ve found, the more heightened your experience, the more you experience ALL your emotions. So joy, excitement, and positive anticipation will also attract fears, nerves and worries.

There’s no experience I’ve ever undertaken, that I really cared about, that hasn’t come with a massive level of fear. It’s a natural part of any expansive experience; now you have more space for the ego to fill. It will rapidly try to take that new found ground with worries and insecurities and reasoning that you’re an idiot and none of this will work. If you can understand that sequence, then it becomes easier to soften that voice and be compassionate with it.

Worrying never helped anyone ever. I’ve personally never looked back and said, phew I am so pleased I worried about that soooo much. Ever. And that’s what fear does, it causes unnecessary worry.

So when undertaking anything new, we can reconcile that an aligned level of fear will be there. We can from this point work with it, with a deeper level of understanding.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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