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L E T T E R from Jac – The Power of Intent

There is a system within the Vedic lineages called ‘tapasya’ which is essentially the renunciation of something we enjoy, in order to receive something of a higher order. It’s frequently misconstrued as austerity. We are actually quite used to giving up something in order to receive something else. We might wake early to meditate, forgoing sleep in order to have a connection to ourselves throughout the day. We might forgo something in the evening so that we can wake up early to exercise. We forgo buying this thing so we can save for that.

It’s actually a relatively simple process. Layer in intent though, and a defining of what we truly want to invite into our lives and it becomes a lot more interesting. To where do we want to orientate ourselves?

Having undertaken a lot of tapasya personally, and seen a lot of students undertake it as a path to self-discovery, there is one thing that we seem to bring to it – suffering. The informing of everyone around us of our tapasya, weakens the intention. The moaning and groaning about what it is we are doing, like not drinking coffee or forgoing alcohol, is a way to ego gets deeply involved. Not every single person you encounter needs to know you are doing febfast. Or a juice cleanse. Or 30 days straight meditation or yoga. You can certainly inspire others with a positive mindset. But when suffering is constantly communicated, we have to ask ourselves, is this really why we are doing it?

What if we committed to surrendering our suffering? Our complaining? What if that was our tapasya?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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