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L E T T E R from Jac – The Real You Is In There

In an age whereby ‘you can be anyone’, being just you, can seem boring and unappealing I have found. When I tell people that meditation makes you a deeper version of you, often people’s shoulders slump a little, and they say they were kinda hoping to become a ‘new them’.

There is no such thing, if it is to involve any degree of authenticity. Because guess what, the best you is already inside of you. We are too trained that it’s out there, outside of us. I used to work in advertising, PR and marketing and that was essentially my job; make people believe they’ll be the best them if they buy X. Now my job is; make sure people know the best them is inside of them.

The meditation from the lineage David speaks of, and from which I teach, peels back the layers of stuff that is not us. To reveal the real us.

I find this immensely comforting, and intriguing. The longer I meditate the more I realise the signs from when I was small, are coming back to me. The universe is speaking to me again, now loudly like it did when I was younger. My intuition, faith in myself, instinct and courage grow. It’s not just me, our students report this All. The. Time. And I realised because I hear it so much, I stopped recognising how truly remarkable it is.

In an era where everyone is telling us to be someone we are not, let’s get grounded in every day becoming more of who were already are, and turning up the brightness on that.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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