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L E T T E R from Jac – The True Teachers

We all have teachers in our lives, that have helped us, taught us. It’s what I do for my living, yet am always saying to students that I truly am not doing more than pointing in a direction. It’s life that’s the true teacher, shining a light for us on our ability to cope, be resilient, fall apart, get back together, be a mess, be a bright light. Honestly I hear a LOT of spiritual bypassing happening at the moment. Chirpy tunes of ‘Mother Nature is punishing us for being so negligent’ and ‘isn’t it all wonderful that we all get to realign right now, society needed it’ etc etc. The universe doesn’t punish and reward, nor does nature. It simply doesn’t work like that.  Yes evolution is the only thing ever happening AND we are also human beings experiencing that evolution, and sometimes the experience is really, really tough.

I don’t believe that we always need to constantly look upward and try find the meaning and deliberate on what’s ‘really’ happening, searching for hidden meaning and nuance. Sometimes it’s just life that is happening, and it’s not the way we expected and that is that. Also the universe is always delivering the growth we can experience if we choose. It’s both. It doesn’t have to be black and white, and we can sit in the grey.

The simplicity of life needs to be embraced too, replacing the at times overcomplicated faux spiritual spin. Our experiences in life are what shape us, and if you feel the need to stop doing at home Zumba, trying to learn astrology, doing yoga, burning sage, learning Spanish, learning how to bake bread and planning for an unknown future, then I invite you to fall flat on your face for a moment. Surrender to the vast unknown. Have a cry. Meltdown if you need. You can be a meditator AND meltdown too. You don’t have to choose one or the other. Your reaction to adversity doesn’t have to involve a constantly stiff upper lip or what you believe to be a spiritual approach. Your spiritual path is aligning to your most authentic self, and that is whatever each moment needs and feeling all the feels. Our evolution isn’t just rainbows and imagined spiritual unicorns and all the good feels, it’s the whole spectrum.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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