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L E T T E R from Jac – The Whole Menu

I cannot even list the amount of failures I have had, for, there are so many. I truly don’t even view them as failure any more – likely being de-sentised to the sheer amount helps somewhat – but see them as just an inevitable part of being a human, trying things out, being creative and also the key to learning. Something happens to us in the schooling system, and we learning failing isn’t okay, by the school system standards that is. We enter workplaces, and failing is reinforced as not okay. We need to not just accept failure, but make failure a healthy part of evolving, ourselves, our careers, our relationships. The origin of the word comes from the ‘fallere’ which means ‘deceive’ and I truly think that buying into the idea that failure is a bad thing, is a huge deception in itself. 

I ask you today to consider something about a decade ago you thought was a huge failure, that ended up being a massive learning, and something you’re grateful for. And then take that same mindset into something that’s ‘failing’ right now for you, and consider what the true deception is, if you consider to buy into the idea that this ‘fail’ is not okay, and is not there with a teaching in it’s hands.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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