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L E T T E R from Jac – This Too Shall Pass

I have found personally, and for many of our students, that we are all too happy to let go of the uglier of our experiences, but are impossibly eager to attempt to possess the happier of our experiences.

This too shall pass’. We find comfort to repeat this to ourselves when it comes to anger or sorrow, and terrifying as a statement when we have unbridled joy. Non-attachment is taught in many lineages. I have found that some of the deepest work to be done, is not being attached to that which I deem worthy and positive. To experience it fully, but without clinging is seriously challenging. Sometimes in truth, I feel that in my happy moments a dull almost quiet dread at it not lasting. I’ll be having an incredibly wonderful patch with Arran, creatively in sync, utterly inspired together. Or my daughter and I will be having a hilarious time, sometimes even it’s just a beautiful day, with happiness for no reason. And then the sinking feeling that it’s going to end comes around like a damp fog.

This is an opportunity. Testing non-attachment to ‘negative’ experiences is much easier. So let’s build our resilience to non-attachment where it’s at its hardest and most complicated; to the moments we truly enjoy. This isn’t a non-experience, where we vaguely move through life going yeah yeah and this too shall pass. But an unbridled deep joy and relishing of every moment as its only time to ever be, as it too shall pass, so let’s live it wholly.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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