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L E T T E R from Jac – Time Is Your Most Valuable Commodity

When I am doing Private Mentoring with students, one of my questions when we are working on enhancing creativity, innovation and increasing productivity is to tap through into their subconscious about what they essentially know already is and isn’t working for them. Two of these questions are: 

– if for whatever reason, you suddenly lost 10 hours in your week, what would you immediately stop doing
– if miraculously you gained 10 hours in your work week, what would you introduce and begin doing that you aren’t already

It’s a great mechanism to then work out WHY am I still doing the stuff that I would prefer to cull, and WHY am I not doing the things that I know would be of benefit but for some reason I am placing as an unattainable ‘luxury’. Even with swapping 2 hours out a week of the stuff holding you back, and introducing 2 hours a week on what you would love to be doing, it will make a huge difference to your mindset. 

Give it a shot.

And if you’re keen to do some Private Mentoring reach out to my team for more information, and just respond to this email.

Jac x

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