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L E T T E R from Jac – True Compassion

People that have truly encountered the darkness of their own soul, I enjoy a lot. There is a rawness, an honesty, a humility. For I’ve had so many dark nights of the soul, so many encounters with pain, terror and unjustness over my own life, that it has made all the joys, the graces and the love so much sweeter. It has been through these polarities that we can begin to appreciate their sweet relationship to each other. So why do we fear the chaos of the darkness so much? Is it because we don’t trust ourselves within it? Maybe this time is the last time, the time that tips us into an abyss? Or is it actually because we know that through the dark chaos so much transformation occurs. Once we are familiar with it, it can also seems like a big process. I think we might at times fear it EVEN though we know it’s the only answer and so much change will come from it. 

So I am drawing on this at the moment, to relate to people that are shying away from the darkness with compassion. For I know what the darkness can bring in the way of transformation if we are ready, but I also know dearly and intimately the pain it can bring, and why we might shy, or run from it altogether. The beauty of it though is that darkness is just a place the light hasn’t hit yet, and once it has, the healing begins. 

Sent with compassion for all of us who are reconciling our light with our darkness,

Jac x

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