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L E T T E R from Jac – Truly Transform 2019

Life is this strange sequencing of events, isn’t it? And when we look at a year, it is like 12 slices of life. How are we going to prepare for them? What will they reap? Will it be a harvest year or will it be a flailing year? Who will we be? What will we do? How will our human being-ness inform our actions? Who will surround us and help lift us up when we fall flat? What systems will be in place so we don’t falter?  What does thriving truly look like?

Just a month ago we hosted our online LIVE Elevate Workshop which was received with huge enthusiasm and for me was insanely rewarding. It was the beginning pieces to all the questions above. Connecting with like-minded people who want to BE as well as DO wonderful things is very inspiring indeed.

With all the feedback from our students that took part in the Elevate workshop, we have created something special for you – an Annual Membership Program!! With you, we recognise that nothing beats accountability combined with inspiration – and so we have created a 12-month Elevate Program for 2019 with continued monthly personal support.

The Elevate Annual Bundle is for anyone that thinks, heck yes I would like to once a quarter connect with The Broad Place and a community to hold myself more accountable, to keep me on track AND to have my personal questions answered and supported. The Annual Bundle is where every month you can submit your questions and I will be personally recording all the answers to these for you to listen to each month from February to November. Being an Annual Elevator also gives you and us the opportunity to refine your progress and what we offer you throughout the year, as a collaborative process.

We are offering a special Early Bird Rate until March 10th on the Annual Bundle where you can save AUD $196 on top of the existing AUD $500 worth of extra value. Use the code: Elevate_Bundle. The faster you jump on this the more time you have to formulate your questions and share your experiences.

And we have a GIANT BONUS for 24 HOURS ONLY – if you purchase Elevate within the next 24 hours, you will receive ENHANCE valued at AUD $495, our signature meditation and education completely free as a gift from us. I really want everyone who is doing Elevate to experience meditation and extra tools and practices, and this is our gift to you for committing to Elevate on every level.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to let me or our team know. I hope to support you as best I can this year. Once you have enrolled in the Annual Membership Bundle you will receive details on how to submit your questions. Hope to join you very soon on our February Q+A!

Sent with love,

Jac x

Things to Note:
If you already invested in Elevate Part 1, you will receive your AUD $296 gift voucher to access the Bundle at an even greater discount and so effectively, you don’t pay for Part 1 twice. Please note that there is a gift code for this and is only accessible by students that have already purchased Part 1.

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