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L E T T E R from Jac – What Do You Truly Call Success?

When I am mentoring people, a huge theme that always comes up is success, a craving for it, or a perceived loss of it. First we work on redefining success for often it is simply a version of success that has been adopted – through parents, bosses, colleagues and friends. Often, a sense of resentment and frustration is brewing, simply because life is not aligning with a vision of success – that’s not even true for that person. It’s like a paint by numbers system that wasn’t even meant for them, so busily being painted that it was only when they step back they exclaim, wait! I don’t want that picture! Until then, the perpetual chase of something, not even real, is never ending. It’s like a dog trying to chase it’s own tail. 

So together, we boil it all down and get really clear on a PERSONAL idea of success. It’s fabulous work. Then we work on aligning the actions of their life, to align with what success means to that person. Now we don’t just work on career/work or parenting, but also creativity, and fitness and spirituality and the mind. The most fascinating thing things repeat over and over. Once clarity is gained, an absolute sense of peace comes with it. For, with the tools of gratitude and a creative approach, nearly all people realise that they are already truly successful, and we can work on fine tuning the areas that could be refined. Often is not actually adding in more, but taking away from.

One question I want to ask you is, if you had to get really clear on one area of your life, and redefine success, what would success looks like for you, in this moment?

Written with love,

Jac x

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