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L E T T E R from Jac – What We Cannot Control

We cannot control our lives. Read it again. It took me way too long to grasp this and I still flounder with it. Control is just so tantalising at times! Our lives in their very nature, are always changing. Every facet, moving pieces affected by too many things to count. The modern, sanitised view of spirituality and self development appears to be that by ‘doing all the right things’ we can further control our life. I have heard over the decades the strangest things – someone commenting how shocked they were that a meditation teacher got cancer, because well didn’t being a meditation teacher prevent that? Frustration from someone who takes all the vitamins and does the yoga and the morning rituals and meditation and burns the sage, and yet was made redundant at work, they were beside themselves that what was the point of doing ‘all the things’ if they still got made redundant.

This thinking is delusional, but we all engage with it at some point. Smug that we have ‘found the answer’. That our meditation lineage is ‘better’. Sly in our ability to master the universe because, well, we light a candle each morning or can do a tricky inversion in a yoga class. 

We can’t control anything when the time are good, and we can’t when the times are tough. We can just show up. So let’s release the idea of doing things in order to perfect life. If we engage with practices and things that help us expand into our higher selves, and understand ourselves, when life goes sideways, we can be more stable within it. 

With love,

Jac x

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