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L E T T E R from Jac – What Will You Honor

A lot of students that I teach and mentor are having the exact same challenge right now, caught between agonising decisions about how to get through this time at the moment. Furloughing, firing staff. Trying to stave off bankruptcy or attempting to pivot their entire business model. Within this there is not a lot of time to explain to everyone what is happening, and why. Split second decisions have to be made at times, made on pure instinct without a lot of information or time to digest. Fear of what other people might think of these decisions is weighing on people, adding to the existing pain. 

Within this incredibly challenging time, adding the burden of fearing what other people think is now what anyone needs to be doing. We have to ask ourselves in this moment, the most surreal we might have ever experienced this lifetime, without the luxury of time and space, ‘What Will I Honor?. Answer that question, and you will find your path. It might be your family. Perhaps it’s integrity. It might be the path of least friction. Or the decision that most aligns with love, that results in being able to feed your family. Don’t let what you hone be being directed by what other people think.

It’s also an important time, if we are NOT faced with harrowing decisions, to reserve all judgement on others decisions. It’s none of our business what they are choosing to honour, or why. Their decisions we have truly no idea the details of, and their choices are not to be judged harshly. It’s a time to all stand shoulder to shoulder, and lift each other up for bravery and courage, not indulge in being snide with a ‘well, I would never do such a thing’ comment. You honestly don’t even know what decision you would make standing in that persons shoes in this moment. When we all lean into compassion, including a compassion for ourselves, getting through this is going to be a lot more graceful.

Written with love,
Jac x

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