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L E T T E R from Jac – Why We All Need A Hand

When COVID hit, we had such a challenging time, and every area of our life was in some sort of turmoil, from our work, through to our family, through to moving countries, losing both our dogs, financially, emotionally, we were being so utterly tested. It was through this that I realised, I was shocking at asking for help. I was brilliant at seeking advice, tutelage and mentoring from others, I was very generous in giving whatever was needed. But when it came to receiving help, not so much so. I carried with me some sort of subconscious battler/warrior mentality that was built on the reality that since I had been through so much in my life, I should be able to forge my way through anything. I see this same quality now reflected back to me in so many others. Sadly, what starts out as well intentioned, can come with a loneliness and long term, can also subtly breed resentment. 

So I wanted to share what I learnt with you, in case you need to read this; if you’re an amazing giver, stop robbing others of the opportunity to also be the giver and start receiving. It’s not one directional, it’s a circle, it has to loop back around, to you receiving also. If you’re brilliant at receiving, but tend not to give, the same principal applies. Abundance creates more abundance. So let it flow. If you feel right now that you have more than enough – share it around. Even if you feel you have very little, share a little. If you feel like asking for help is too humiliating, get acquainted with humility. If you think that stoicism means going it alone, think again. Receiving and giving are the same energy, so enjoy both and let it flow. 

With love,

Jac x

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