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L E T T E R from Jac – Why We Practice

Elizabeth Gilbert is speaking on her spiritual practices in regards to COVID in the above quote. It’s beautiful wording isn’t it, ‘building the arc before the flood’. For too often we consider ourselves in the modern world too busy for ritual, and for reverence to anything other than oneself, one’s mortgage and one’s career and so on. A connection to something cosmic, an awe for the universe as a whole, for the divine, seems to be getting more and more frequently lost in modern times. Then we find ourselves in the middle of a chaotic storm, like the one we are currently in, and we realise, perhaps the arc should have been built earlier. The arc of stability, grounding, and a place for our soul to stay afloat in a storm. I always teach our students that we don’t just practice Integrated Meditation when we are strung out or pushed, to then drop our daily practice when on vacation or things calm down at work. We practice every day, because it’s not just stress we are working on reducing. It’s expanding creativity and consciousness 

So what arc are you going to build now we are still within a pandemic globally? What practices will you learn, what rituals might you adopt, to help you stay clear, creative and conscious, and not just for now, but for the future? It’s an important question to ask, and the finding of the answers (for there isn’t one single answer) is half the fun.

With love,

Jac x

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