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L E T T E R from Jac – Wishful thinking

I always laugh with my really fit friends, about my constantly wanting a short cut. Any shortcut. But it’s just a continual commitment and accumulative effect that creates transformation. On every level. And meditation is no different. There really aren’t any shortcuts aside from getting your arse in that chair, daily, twice daily, over and over and over.  When people are so stressed they can’t see the forest for the trees, they want quick fixes. Band-aids. I know if I find myself pondering really expensive herbs and supplements at the health food store with long reaching promises, that I truly don’t need and probably already have a version of at home that I DON’T take…(argh!) that I am likely strung out, looking for that fast fix. Even though I know it doesn’t work like this, my mind’s desperate need to ‘make it better’, will override this intelligence.

I completed teaching the most beautiful Integrated Meditation course this weekend live online to people all over the world, and we had a lot of students re-sit the course. We gift any student once they have learnt the ability to resit as many times as they wish and I love having them there as they’re so excited and motivated and really help the new students see what this is all about. And they all shared with the newer students, the way to get results, is simply, to keep sitting for their 20 minutes once, and for the optimal results twice daily. Now does that mean that every single person does this consistently? No it doesn’t. We all take a little trip or stumble at some time, get a little sloppy. This is to be expected and okay, we just get back into the chair. And re-sit the course. 

The re-sit students all texted me afterwards saying what a profound experience it was. All I really did was refresh and remind them what we’re doing here, and drill into them that it’s a commitment. A large one, of time and energy but one that nets results. So I ask for you this week to reconsider your commitment to your meditation practice, or going to the gym, or eating well, or getting to bed on time. Get clear on what you’re doing and then just go about it one day at a time.

With love,

Jac x

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